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There are other hydrogen supplements.... What's the difference between them and Active Hydride Plasma?

We should treat our choice of supplements like we choose our food. We generally would prefer to eat organically grown, pesticide free foods. Similarly, if we consume supplements daily they should be made from safe natural ingredients.

The other important point is the generation of hydrogen. Even when a large volume of hydrogen is generated the benefits will quickly disappear once the hydrogen generation source is removed.

Active Hydride Plasma continues to generate hydrogen on its own for more than 48 hours.

*The amount of dissolved hydrogen when 1g of Active Hydride Plasma is dissolved in water.

How different is Active Hydride Plasma from the famous hydrogen waters?

There are well known sources of anti-oxidant hydrogen waters, flowing from natural springs. If we drink these waters directly from the source it may bring significant benefits.

Unfortunately though, Hydrogen stored in hydrogen water is in the molecular form, which means only a small amount of Hydrogen is dissolved into the water. And furthermore, Hydrogen cannot remain stable in water for a long time, and so this will require you to continue drinking an impossibly huge amount of water, in order to combat actve oxygen around the clock. (According to Dr. Oikawa's calculation, it would require you to drink 20 liters per day).

Active Hydride Plasmal, created by a patented manufacturing process, releases Minus Hydrogen Ions when it reacts with water.

Under test tube conditions, it will continue to release Minus Hydrogen Ions for over 48 hours, once it reacts with water. Typically under real-life conditions, during the approximately 8 hours while in the body, Active Hydride Plasma will continue to release Minus Hydrogen Ions throughout the whole duration, while being digested, absorbed, metabolized, and finally excreted from the body.

Minus Hydrogen Ions are different from ordinary Hydrogen molecules, in that they do not disappear in a short time, and can continue to exist for a long time by alternating between becoming a molecule and then ionizing. This is a truly revolutionary supplement.

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